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1. Investigation / Negotiation
Discovery motions will be filed in order to demand evidence in order to thoroughly investigate reports, witness statements/interviews, audio/video, and scientific evidence. If necessary and warranted, I will file. Open Records Requests for Officer internal affairs and/or instrument repair records. I will thoroughly evaluate and analyze your case from a defense and prosecution point of view in order to effectively negotiate the best offer with the prosecutor. If the offer is not acceptable, we go on to Phase Two.
2. Motions to Suppress / Dismiss Evidence
I will file the appropriate motions including Motions to Suppress illegally seized evidence and/or. Motions to Dismiss based upon improper procedure or lack of Probable Cause to arrest. I will handle the motions hearing by cross examining witnesses testifying against you and challenging the prosecutor’s motions brought against you. If after the hearing a favorable post-motions offer is not acceptable, we go on to Phase Three.
3. Trial
Jury trial is usually chosen over bench trial in order to preserve all of your statutory and constitutional rights. Jury trial includes the jury selection process, opening statements, cross examination of the state’s witnesses, introduction of defense evidence and/or witnesses, objections, jury charges, and final, closing arguments to the jury.

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